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With SARA you can simplify the legal reporting and risk managment of your organization.

3 Buttons

The user interface of SARA is intuitive and follows the „Click and Go!“ principle.

Past are the times when the user had to orientate through cumbersome multi-level command structures.

Instead self-explaining buttons guides the user step by step through the predefined steps of the legal reporting.

Maximal transparency, highest possible level of automation

Thanks to the intuitive user guidance and the fully automatized working processes, there are measurable gains of efficiency. In combination with the transparent structure of the legal reporting for

• the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and
• the measurement, monitoring, controlling and management of the interest risks,

who are all designed for the end-user needs, the decision taking will be more secure and the return on equity will be optimized.


SARA is the proven and suitable solution for banks and security dealers. SARA has pre-programmed interfaces based upon the basic bank transactions (RT01 or other interfaces such as SUNreport). Thanks to this, the preparations for installation, operation and connection of SARA to the central bank system can be done within a minimum of time (Ready-to-go-Business-Concept).

Legal reporting of the Swiss National Bank (SNB)

SNB reporting

The legal reporting for the Swiss National Bank (SNB) consists of the reports listed in the picture to the left.
As of May 1st, 2016 the following additional reports will be available:
- Calculation of own funds incl. market risks
- Aggregated/group risks

The original templates of SNB are used for the legal reporting. Plausibility checks are already integrated in the final excel report files, so the user can make a final check before sending them to SNB.

Interest rate risk

SARA ist die moderne Lösung für die Messung, Überwachung, Kontrolle und die Steuerung von Zinsänderungsrisiken nach internen Risikomessmethoden und erfüllt die regulatorischen Anforderungen nach den Vorgaben des Rundschreibens (2008/6) der FINMA sowie das Meldewesen der SNB. Das Produkt wurde durch eine anerkannte Revisionsgesellschaft geprüft.

Lizenz- und Projektkosten

Due to the use of standard interfaces and the modular concept of SARA, the time needed for implementation and/or changes due to new reporting requirements is minimized, which allows an attractiv price-/performance-relation.
Due to proven and standardization of processes, the project cost can be significantly lowered.
A complete documentation of SARA is included in the licence.
Due to the continuously changing reporting requirements, SARA is permanently being developed to meet these new needs.

Added value due to extensive service and development

We have more than 30 years from experience from management of projects regarding risk management and the implementation of applications for the legal reporting.

Your benefits:
- Standard and modern platform with a consistent data basis (single positions)
- Complete consistency and retraceability
- Simple and self-explaining usability
- Automated SNB reporting
- Access to interest risk curves on a quarterly basis
- Support from experienced specialists
- Optimized price-/performance-ratio

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